Four Fundamental Financial Principles To Use Everyday

Managing assets is no easy task, but using fundamental financial principles help. I thought I would share some timeless financial principles that I have seen work over and over again. 1) Avoid needless debt. Sometimes debt has productive uses like a mortgage, but financing things like vacations, entertainment or luxury purchases, will typically hurt you. 2) Before making any large purchase or life altering decision take some time to calculate the cost. We aren't robots but us

6 Rules for Surviving Debt

6 Rules for Surviving Debt Rule #1 Prioritize Your Debt If you can't pay everything pay what is going to have the most immediate negative impact. i.e., If it comes down to paying for housing or paying a store credit for housing. See if you can be given some leeway on the less important debt. Rule #2 No Matter What Don't Let Debt, Collectors, Stress or Anxiety Force You into Making Bad Decisions Bad decisions never make bad situations better only worse. Be aware of

How Liquid Are You?

We all need liquid to survive right? Of course, we do...we all know that we need water to live. Experts say that a human will die after three days without water. So, if you had to traverse a vast arid desert, knowing what you know how much water would you take with you? Enough for a day, a week, a month? Practical wisdom tells us that we should carry as much water as we can. Why? Because you never know what could happen and having more than you need forestalls an emergency. W