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Consulting with Purpose

An apothecary was someone who made custom treatments to address people’s ailments. The word apothecary comes from a Greek word apothēkē ‘storehouse’, which itself comes from a root word meaning "to put away, stow away". We chose this name because of that dual meaning 1) people need customized financial solutions and 2) we want to help people to build up their financial storehouse.

So that sounds great,  but who are we and why should you use us? 

Apothecary Financial is a full service financial consulting, counseling and coaching practice. We are here to help you achieve your financial goals through holistic, non-judgmental consultation. We serve individuals and small businesses that need objective assistance with finance. This includes debt reduction, goal setting, money management, preparing for life changes, business growth, cash flow analysis, personal finance, financial behavior education, financial literacy and much more.

We have a strong background in business and personal finance. We have seen every challenge and situation you can imagine. We also know from personal experience how difficult it is to build a business, claw your way out of debt, or get your financial footing. 

Unlike many others in the financial world we are completely independent. This means that we won't try and sell you financial products or recommend something that is not in your best interests. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself we are here to help. 

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What Exactly Is Financial Counseling and Financial Coaching?

Financial counseling is a broad term that encompasses the process of helping people change or modify their financial behavior. It at times is used interchangeably with another term- financial coaching. There are some slight differences between the two terms, but both activities involve increasing financial literacy and financial capability so clients can set and achieve financial goals. Financial counseling and financial coaching are distinct and separate from other professions such as financial planning. It spans both helping people move past bad money habits to helping people be proactive about their finances.

We use a combination of both skill sets with our clients, helping people realize what is really behind their financial choices. We also serve as an accountability partner to help clients move beyond talking about their goals to planning and achieving their goals. 

Please check out the links below. They are to independent resources that will give you a clear explanation of what financial counseling and financial coaching are. 

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See What My Clients Are Saying

Are you on the fence whether you even need financial counseling? Well, YOU DO. We’ve never done any type of financial counseling before this, and are very impressed with just how worth it it was… Our goal is to be debt free, and while already on that route, we feel this expedited it and more importantly, gave us us the tools and confidence to not get into debt again. Schuyler takes a psychological approach that helped me realize I’m a short term not a long term planner, and helped me adjust my attitude about money, not associating guilt with it. This approach is awesome, wasn’t what I expected, and was beyond more helpful than I ever would have considered. He also gave me some incredibly helpful guidance with my small business, which completely changed the direction I’m going in. And that wasn’t even really a part of the counseling, just a snippet, but helped me realize as my business grows a yearly business counseling session is 100% worth the cost. Seriously, all small businesses should put that on their necessary items list. So take the plunge, invest in this service, because it’s actually a great investment in yourself!

Darrin & Stephanie

Apothecary Financial is elevated counseling. Our personal sessions helped my wife and I to understand how money is a tool. A tool in which I have control over not the other way around. We understand to a better degree that financial stigmas can be uprooted. My wife and I are enabled to harness this tool and remain in control of our finances.

David & Rayna

Schuyler has helped me multiple times over the years, with professional development and finance. He is someone I rely on because I know he is focused on my best interests and always recommends things in line with my goals and values.

Camryn B.-Owner C&S Services

Schuyler is definitely someone who knows finance. He’s very thorough and professional. The amount of money that he charges for his services is really nothing in comparison to the amount of knowledge and money he can save you. His background in the construction trades and background in finance is what really helped me and my business get a good evaluation. He really is a full service provider because he just doesn’t stop at giving you a piece of paper or calling you on the phone. I would highly recommend him over anyone else just because he is very very honest and will guide you to a successful decision.

Greg W.-Owner Bristol Enterprizes, LLC

For our business Schuyler Lemler was a rare find. They say those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach…Schuyler does both. I looked into Schuyler’s credentials before employing him. What I found was someone who had succeeded in business, while also creating great personal freedom…someone who had gotten there by actually working smarter, not harder. We have long relied on Schuyler’s expertise and out-of-the-box thinking when facing difficult situations. His often-fresh approach to common and not-so-common circumstances confronting business today has proven both creative and practical. Thank you Schuyler!

Tom H.-Owner Glassmasters Northwest, LLC

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